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Presidential Squadron
In October of 2002, I was invited to make an ornament for the White House Christmas tree. The theme for the tree was "All creatures, great and small". All artists were asked to make a native bird from their state. So I decided to make an Allen's Hummingbird. While I was honored to be invited to submit my work to the White House, I wished I could have sent the president a message of how I felt about some of his policies. But I knew a hummingbird in a gas mask would not adorn the tree. And who knows, my name could have ended up on some list other than the guest list. These nine hummingbirds represent the one I wished I could have sent.
Overall View
(the squadron was exhibited at the Berkeley Art Center -
here is a review of the show by Alice Fanchiang - 10/7/04)

scary bird

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