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Wabi Sabi (perfectly imperfect)
A public mural installed in Putnam Plaza, downtown Petaluma, California
by Nuala Creed, in collaboration with clients of Alchemia

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portrait with mural

The Wabi Sabi, ceramic mural, was installed in downtown Petaluma in the Spring of 2006. Wabi Sabi means perfectly imperfect. This mural was made with artists in The Alchemia Theater for Life Program which works with adults and teenagers with developmental disabilities. The concept for the mural was to make a visual representation of Wabi Sabi, by exploring the idea of "the extraordinary in the ordinary" that depends on the "lens in which we look at the world".

Alternative Energy Mural

Sun Wind Water
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The Alternative Energy Ceramic Mural was installed in Tule Elk CDC in 2002. The "Energy Education Through Art" grant, a partnership between the California Arts Council and the State and Consumer Service Agency, was awarded to Ms. Creed. This was an in-depth, cross-disciplinary project which combined visual arts, literacy, and environmental science. The focus was on Energy Education, emphasizing conservation and renewable energy sources. The visual art work created with third grade students is a handmade ceramic tile mural installed in the yard-garden at Tule Elk Park. It consists of three 42 inches X 24 inches panels depicting three alternative sources of energy (water, wind, and sun). Each of the panels focus on energy, the environment, and the conservation of both.

The Art and Evolution of the Written Word

Writing Mural Writing Mural Writing Mural Writing Mural Writing Mural

The Art and Evolution of the Written Word, a ceramic mural was installed at Tule Elk Park Child Development Center in San Francisco in 2004. This mural, made with the children, explores how and why writing was developed. It is a brief timeline through art history exploring the written word in its many cultures and traditions. It is rendered in scroll format. This mural received funding from the San Francisco Youth Fund.

Peace Pole

Peace Pole Peace Pole Peace Pole

The Peace Pole was installed at Tule Elk Park CDC, San Francisco in 2003. It is a response to the events of 9/11. It was made by the school community under the direction of Ms. Creed. The pole, seven feet tall, is covered with handmade ceramic tiles depicting the words "peace", "love" and "friendship". These words are written in 14 different languages, many of which are spoken in the school community.

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