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Nuala Creed

My work is figurative and narrative, often addressing socio-political and environmental issues, which helps me make sense of our world and culture. It offers me a way to express my concerns. Often I spend months mulling over ideas before I make a piece. Once I decide how to represent my idea I usually make a few pieces in a series. Working in series gives me a chance to build on the concept as my work progresses.



Nuala’s work has been featured in numerous books and articles on ceramics and fine art, and reviewed in both art magazines and general purpose publications.

Another Exhibition
— inspired by the work of sculptor Nuala Creed

The gallery, the one in the park
All polite forms?

The exhibit, in the top left corner
Statues, moulded
Tacky, rough?

The gun toting child, black with the Jesus Christ bib
And the altar boy at prayer, kneeling
He wore no underwear?

Life size, too close
How we wrinkled our noses
Turned away?

How we cried.
— Sue Kinsella, Dublin, Ireland