Nuala Creed

Other Work

Included here is a commission and a few of my musings.



This piece is a memorial to a young man who died of cancer. His parents came to me after seeing my work at an exhibit. We spent time talking about Patrick and what I would make. As I worked on this piece I was in contact with them so they could see my progress and share more personal stories about Patrick. I included images from some from these stories in the piece. It was an emotional journey for both his parents and me when I unveiled the finished work to them.

Homage to Daydreaming


As a child I spent hours day dreaming, especially at school. It is a practice I recommend as it is a safe haven that can be full of potential.

Head Talk


This piece is about identity and how we become who we are. I am pondering the multitude of people we meet and interact with in our lives. Many of them influence us whether we are aware of it or not. Mirroring psychology is a concept that intrigues me. It is our interactions with people – whether friends or strangers – that help us form our identity.